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  • Sue Docos

    We love the Maple Lodge Cabins! Once we turn onto Route 3, and head towards the cabins, I’m craining my neck for the first glimpse of the cozy cabins with their cute flags blowing in the breeze, jittering in my seat, grinning from ear to ear…”We’re almost home!” For truly – this cozy retreat is for my family a “home away from home”. The atmosphere that Billy and Bonnie have created here is warm, inviting and a welcome oasis from the stresses of every day life! I only recently realized there were so many fun attractions nearby – because once we arrive, we STAY right there – enjoying our cozy cabin, the beautiful, relaxing pool, the nightly campfires – WHY would we want to go anywhere else? If you truly need a refreshing retreat from the ‘real’ world…there’s no better place to be!!!

  • Thanks Sue, thats cute!

    Always love having you guys here at the Maple Lodge!!! The other guests seemed to enjoy your Billy playing the guitar at the fire too!

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